Pizza Island Open Studio

This Saturday the 30th our building is holding its semi-annual open studios. Some of us will be here at Pizza Island (that’s studio 2J on the second floor) so you can come by and check out the spot. Here are the details:

Where:  649 Morgan Ave between Nassau and Norman. Apparently there will be a “free shuttle” from the Bedford avenue L train stop and the Nassau G train stop if you call 646-938-6986. I think that pretty much means that you’ll be calling our landlord’s cell phone and he’ll come pick you up in his ’97 Corolla. It’s not a bad walk from the train either.

Then find studio 2J!

When: Saturday April 30th from 5pm – 10pm

Some of us will have prints and artwork for sale.

Hope to see you there!

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4 Responses to Pizza Island Open Studio

  1. Joey says:

    What’s street side Parking like out that way?

  2. Ben says:

    will your landlord pick me up from the UK? I will bring road beers!

  3. captainbucko says:

    Oh, can you pick me up from the UK with Ben? I don’t have road beers but I am wearing a pirate hat.

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