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From the Desk of #6: Julia Wertz

I’m the last one to post my workspace, so I feel a lot of pressure to be fancy. I should have dressed my desk up like I was gonna take it to prom and get it pregnant. But fance ain’t … Continue reading

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From the desk of #4: Kate Beaton

Look at this mess!!  Whose garbage can is this?? Aw nuts, it’s mine.  A hundred water bottles and other trash plus some art I guess!  Well let’s go through it anyway. So what is Kate up to today? shhh no, … Continue reading

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International PI Day!

Today is international PI day, you know, for math and stuff because it’s 3.14. But we’re reapproriating it to mean Pizza Island day. We’ll celebrate it on Saturday, with a live reading of comics and stories, followed by music by … Continue reading

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Egypt from 5,000 Miles Away

collaborative comic by DOMITILLE COLLARDEY and SARAH GLIDDEN Domitille and I decided to take the day off today and make this comic while we watched people celebrating in Tahir square: by Domitille Collardey and Sarah Glidden

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tuesday watercoloring

Its been a while since I posted anything on our blog. So here’s a painting of Domitille at her desk.

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comics of 2010

hey look! Half of Pizza Island is on Flavorpill’s list of “most buzzed about comics of 2010” You know what that means…all the cheerleaders are totally whispering dirty secrets about them in the locker room! Huzzah! Congrats, Lisa, Sarah and … Continue reading

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The fall’s been lovely so far.

I don’t think we had mentionned that Kate Beaton was on the Island with us yet. Hurray !

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