greenpoint sketches

In my ongoing quest to squander time, here’s some sketches from various areas of Greenpoint, the neighborhood 4/6 of us live in and where Pizza Island is located.

A lot of these stores have pretty cool, old signs that drawing doesn’t do justice to. I tried image searching a photo of Steve’s Meat Market sign but got a picture of a hamburger shoved up someone’s butt so nevermind about that.

Word bookstore on Milton and Franklin:

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5 Responses to greenpoint sketches

  1. bradydale says:

    Umm, crap… you are calling these ‘sketches?’ I am giving up now.

    Beautiful stuff.
    Eat the Babies – an elusive webcomic.

  2. Peter Bangs says:

    Not sure I’d call these sketches either but they’re absolutely wonderful whatever you call them. Put me in mind of Julius knipl.

  3. Winslow says:

    A bookstore named ‘Word’? That’s pretty awesome! Makes me wish I owned a bookstore named ‘Font’…

  4. Vincent says:

    looking at Steve’s Meatmarket my brain visualizes a butt with a hamburger shoved in it, thanks Julia I really needed a chuckle !

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