holiday gifts from Pizza Island

Hey everyone! I hope you waited until the last minute to buy Christmas gifts because we waited until the last minute to post about what wares we’re peddling for the holidays.

Sarah Glidden is selling a pack of prints of six superhero watercolor portraits: Batman, the Thing, Daredevil, Ghost Rider, the Silver Surfer and Thor. Each archival digital print is 5″ x 7″, perfect for framing and only $10!


Julia Wertz is selling hand drawn comics panels for $15-$20, 6″x8″ (give or take a few) on bristol. And all her books are $5 off. Sale ends this Sunday so they’ll arrive in time for Christmas.


Lisa Hanawalt has prints and cards and original artwork galore for sale, including my favorite, the Anna Wintour prints. Original art is 10% off, sale ends Friday at midnight!


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3 Responses to holiday gifts from Pizza Island

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  2. mars says:


  3. Aaron T. says:

    Julia Wertz’s drawing are hilarious!! I love it.

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