Pizza Island at the MoCCA Fest

Pizza Island is going to be in full effect at MoCCA this weekend! Well, no, I take that back. We will be in 5/6ths effect. Domitille is just weeks away from her deadline so she will be hard at work in the studio. But we will have copies of her minicomic–“What Happened Was”–for sale at our table (table M5) as well as:

(we are listening to the Audiobook of Empowered)

Yes, we made a minicomic. Twenty eight pages of  little something special from each of us. We hope you like it!  Meredith, Julia, Lisa and I (Sarah) will also be selling books, prints and original artwork.

On Sunday we will steal Domitille away from her drawing table for an hour so that all six of us can be on our panel which is called “Pizza Island: The Panel.” Brian Heater will be moderating. That’s Sunday at 2:30.

Individual Islanders will also be participating in various other panels and readings. I will be part of a panel on non-fiction comics at 12:30pm on Saturday, and Lisa and Kate will be reading comics as part of a very special Carousel on Saturday at 5pm.

Come by and say hello!

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5 Responses to Pizza Island at the MoCCA Fest

  1. ashleyw says:

    Haha, that cover is great. Is the minicomic going to be available at any point outside of this event?

  2. It will also be available at Stumptown in Portland, Oregon next week and at TCAF in May in Toronto. Not sure yet whether we have any plans to sell it online though…

  3. Relbo says:

    Gah! I hate it that I live so far away… good luck on everyhting ♥

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  5. Bernardo Maldonado says:


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