Pizza Island Livestream #1

Sometimes we get questions on our Twitter feed (by the way, did you know you can follow us on Twitter? Its @pizza_island). We want to answer questions! So we decided that we will periodically have a live Q+A on Ustream where we A some Qs and talk about comics, our studio..etcetera.

We’ll announce the next Ustream session on our twitter and on our Facebook page . We may very well have one on Friday night before MoCCA while we lay out our minicomic. But until then, feel free to check out the recording of our first Ustream session here:

You will have to fast forward through about 5 minutes of nothing. Sorry.

Ok see you on Twitter, Ustream, Facebook or some other social networking site! Like, Orcut? That’s a thing right? We hear its popular in Brazil.

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One Response to Pizza Island Livestream #1

  1. michael says:

    Awesome show girls! 🙂

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