From the desk of #3: Meredith Gran

As the newest member of Pizza Island, I try to keep my workspace as obnoxious as possible. After all, I have a lot of rising in the ranks to do, and that’s how it works.

Here’s how my desk looks during the digital stage. I use my Cintiq to lay out comics from scripts on my laptop. The headphones are there so I can listen to Dr. Dre’s “The Chronic” and drown out evidence of life around me. This is especially useful when there’s loud construction, studiomates need help carrying things, and cats are in heat.

When I’m done with pencils, it’s time to get this monitor off my desk! My Cintiq is connected to an ergonomic arm for easy rotation. Check out my vile ink dish in this photo! I’m never going to clean it, or anything.

Now it’s time for the fun stuff! I print my layouts out and ink over them with a lightbox. Here’s a peak into my drawer, which is always filled with garbage. The pink soap is for washing my brushes. The dowels, screws and hammer are for fixing problems.

I keep my laptop close by to watch TV shows during inking sessions. I watch a lot of things that don’t require your full attention, like Lost and CSPAN.

Here’s a closer look at my favorite tools. A Winsor & Newton Series 7 sable brush, size 3. Koh-i-noor “Rapidograph” india ink, pens for panel borders and word balloons, and Pro White for corrections (I use an old, worn-out W&N brush for those). And there’s my filthy ink dish again! Oh dear.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this peak into my art lair! Stay tuned for more PI process photo fun.

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17 Responses to From the desk of #3: Meredith Gran

  1. Tom says:

    You guys are all about The Gilmore Girls!

  2. Kingofsiam says:

    At first I thought you were being all facetious about Dr. Dre and then I saw the last photo. And then I thought when are you not being at least partially facetious? And then I was like whaaaaa

  3. Great post. Just a heads up – I am running Ubuntu with the beta of Firefox and the navigation of your blog is kind of broken for me.

  4. Andy says:

    Is that Scrivener? I love Scrivener.

  5. Beverly says:

    Washing ink dishes is overrated anyway

  6. Mari says:

    Meridith you’re my heroine. I wish someday I can work in a cool studio with other cool artists with my cool Cinteq inking my cool comic pages with some cool india ink.

    Do you use both micron and brush ink?

    Also, I see that Phobia sticker on your laptop. *fistbump*

  7. FishyBoy says:

    I’m curious about your pens. It looks like a Micron and one of those Faber Castell ones. Am I right?

    • punkybird says:

      It’s a Prismacolor chisel tip. I just started using them, but I’m not sure how I feel about them yet. They’ve started to fray very quickly so I might try something else next.

      • jjackle says:

        I’ve tried getting used to Pitt brush pens but they always seem to go mushy on me. Then I can’t get any line weight variation. I LOVE Tombow brush markers, but they are a little big for comic panels. They can make verry fine lines, very bold lines, and all variations between. I still haven’t found a good one for comic panels. So I scan the art in (sketches or line are) and use either Manga Studio 4EX or ArtRage 3 Pro to ink and paint, etc. It’s an extra step but I don’t have that good of control with inking panels, just one-shots. Keep up the great work on Octopus Pie!

  8. nick says:

    I have those same headphones. But unlike you, I don’t use them when watching Gilmore Girls, I use them when ignoring my wife watching Gilmore Girls. šŸ˜€

    Also, stay away from those narcotics! (CSPAN)

  9. Anna says:

    So cool!!
    what kind of paper do you use?

  10. Sarah says:

    where did you get your little ergonomic arm thing?

  11. license says:

    Wow, you are so right about Lost. I’ve never watched it before. This is great background noise!

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