From the desk of #2: Lisa Hanawalt

Hey everybody, here’s my makeshift desk (it’s actually two crappy tables pushed together because I’ve been too lazy to get a real drafting table, how embarrassing):

I usually wake up late and come to Pizza Island in the afternoon, after everyone else has already been here working for hours. But that’s why I’m the most beautiful one in the studio. All of that beauty rest.

Today I’m busy making separations for a screen print. The blue pencil case with ponies on it is where I stash all my Microns, Pentel brush pens, and the eraser Domitille got me from Muji. I’ve been abusing that Wacom Bamboo tablet for three years and it’s indispensable.

Here’s what that print will look like, if all goes according to plan:

And here’s what it will look like if the screen printer I hired is a dirty crook:

Let’s look at more stuff on my desk!

I’ve used masking tape to section off my “wet station” – this is where I keep reservoirs of soup, coffee, drinking water, brush water and ink. The rest of the desk is for dry things only.

I’ve never watched The Gilmore Girls, but I’ve been studying that book so that I’ll have something to talk to Julia about.

“I made this milk carton boat full of clay animals as reference for a drawing,” is what I’ve been telling everybody. I don’t remember who gave me that fish or that acorn, but when I look at them I think of friendship!

These are pages for a creepy comic I started months ago and got too busy to finish. Who knows when I’ll have time to work on it again? This makes me a little sad, but I leave it up there to remind me of who I am (specifically: a short-tailed California leaf-nosed fruit bat).

Ah, here’s the good stuff! The Fine Arts. These days I’m spending most of my time illustrating a children’s book for McSweeney’s, but there’s also some smaller assignments and projects in there – spot illustrations for a ladies’ magazine, comic strips for the Believer, sketches for a company that rhymes with Boogle, and some other stuff.

In the background, you can see Pizza Island’s communal spinner rack, stuffed full of comics we like.

And look at that, somebody in the studio has been chugging kombucha. Well it ain’t me, but if it WAS, I’d keep all my kombucha safely docked in my wet station!

That’s it for now. Thanks for looking at my desk!

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8 Responses to From the desk of #2: Lisa Hanawalt

  1. Aaron says:

    Ha ha! That’s MY Gilmore Girls book 🙂
    (There are three major errors in there, so please be kind.) Really enjoying these workspace tours of the Island.

  2. Julia Wertz says:

    that was one of the more interesting things I’ve gotten in the mail. We’re not exactly using it with its original intention, but we have been enjoying the book in unexpected ways, so thanks!

    • Aaron says:

      Hey, I’ve read your books, JW; I would’ve been disappointed if the book wasn’t met with some imaginative derision containing a kernel of wisdom about the human condition thrown in for good measure.

  3. Matt Madden says:

    Love the “wet station.”! I may need to implement that concept.

  4. Sally Carson says:

    I love the tours of Pizza Island!

  5. Sally Carson says:

    By the way, I was gonna make a joke about my personal “wet station” being my lap — meaning that I always spill stuff on myself — but I couldn’t figure out a way to make the joke without it sounding totally inappropriate.

  6. The wet station thing is seriously brilliant. In the past I’ve used the stain-puddle from my last spill to section things off!

  7. Jason Estrin says:

    Dear Lisa,
    Have a great day making art.

    Jason Estrin

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