Pizza Island draws Pizza Island

Next month is the MoCCA comics fest here in New York. We are excited. Also, all six of us will be on a panel moderated by Brian Heater on Saturday at 2:30pm. Come by if you want to hear all about the studio’s origins, what we are all working on and what really IS the better slumber party game: Ouija Board or Bannanagrams? (trick question! the answer is prank calling the Ink Panthers)

We are also excited because New York Magazine is doing a little article on us. Awesome. They asked us to each send them a self-portrait so we all made new ones. And here they are:

Kate Beaton

Domitille Collardey

Sarah Glidden

Meredith Gran

Lisa Hanawalt

Julia Wertz

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10 Responses to Pizza Island draws Pizza Island

  1. Aales says:

    Lisa hanawait’s sp is fucking rad

  2. martin says:

    you are the best. gratulations to the article.

  3. Wandrille says:

    Ah ah ah, I was following the Twitter of Pizza Island, not knowing that Domitille was inside. Great !
    I’m in town for two weeks, maybe i’ll pass by say hello.

  4. Bernardo Maldonado says:

    with your talents you lot should be able to publish / put together one interesting anthology magazine!!! in the direction of “twisted sisters” only different!!! would be cool to read!

  5. Domitille says:

    Wandrille ! Bonjour ! Are you in town for MOCCA ? Yeah come by and draw. We’re in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it’s a little out of the way, but heck, there’s great pizza around the corner. Putin bite couille crotte. Domitille

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  7. Ink Panthers says:

    So it is you guys who keep calling to ask if our refrigerator is running???!

  8. Alain says:

    They are lovely portraits. I am glad that they will be published and thus preserved for future generations.

    I have to say though that it’s kind of weird to see a Beaton autoportrait wihout her usual flies and odorous fumes.

  9. MrZissman says:

    Awesome work, as usual.

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