Pizza Island Field Trip: Figure Drawing

Fun pages: Can you match the drawing to it’s creator?

The drawers:

a) Domitille Collardey  b) Sarah Glidden c) Lisa Hanawalt




answers after the jump!

1-b 2-a 3-c

Sarah Glidden: “So last Friday a bunch of us headed over to 3rd Ward in Brooklyn to check out their “Drink n Draw Overdrive” event. Apparently they have live figure drawing there every Wednesday and this was a special promo event. The Wednesday sessions are two and a half hours long…but this one was from 8pm to 2am for $15. Plus free beer. Sounded like a good deal. Plus, I cant speak for everyone (Sarah here) but I definitely could always use some figure drawing practice.”

figure drawing is apparently a popular Brooklyn Friday night activity

SG: “The event was crowded. I had no idea this many people were into spending their Friday night drawing nude (or oddly semi-nude) models. But we got a pretty good spot on the floor by one of the stages. Good for foreshortening practice if nothing else.”

Domitille and Aaron

DC: “Fun fact about semi-nudity : Aaron explained to me that where he studied art, in the South, when they had live figure drawing class, props were prohibited, the models had to be strictly nude, otherwise it was considered pornography…”

Kate, Meredith and Lisa

SG: “Figure drawing sessions usually start out with quick poses. I think these were one minute long.”

Sarah Glidden

Sarah Glidden

Here’s Domitille’s:

Domitille Collardey

Lisa Hanawalt: “In the first one, I got feisty and drew a schlong. In the second it looks like she is fellating something, but she is really just arm wrestling.”

Lisa Hanawalt

Lisa Hanawalt

Next we moved on to 5 minute poses…

Sarah Glidden


SG: “And then I think these were 15 minute poses”

LH: “I accidentally made the girl look like Richard Nixon.”

Lisa Hanawalt

SG “Yeah, me too. Well, less like Nixon and more like a transvestite. Sorry, model!”

Sarah Glidden

SG: “I really like Domitille’s minimal line on these.”

Domitille Collardey

Domitille Collardey

Domitille Collardey

SG: “They really kept things moving. All of us agreed that hour long poses are kind of boring for a cartoonist. I know I dont really care if a drawing looks polished or finished in this setting. Luckily, the longest poses of the evening were 30 minutes. Even then I think most of us would finish a drawing quickly and then draw the same pose again a few times.

Sarah Glidden

Sarah Glidden

LH:”I would like to add that I had planned on drawing more of these models as AWESOME MONSTERS, but once we were there and had limited minutes, I just felt like working on  my (sadly atrophied) basic drawing skills. BORING, I know. But they’ll definitely come in handy for future monster drawings.”

Lisa Hanawalt

Lisa Hanawalt

SG: “After about 4 hours of this you start to get a little loopy. There was an experiment with making the models into Simpsons characters that ended up getting into some creepy territory.”

Sarah Glidden

SG: “And other experimentation. I tried to remember what I could from art anatomy class back in undergrad where we had to draw the skeletons of the models:

Sarah Glidden

SG: “At around 1am we were about ready to call it a night.”

Domitille Collardey

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3 Responses to Pizza Island Field Trip: Figure Drawing

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  2. Nate Beaty says:

    I guessed right, but I was going to say “duh, the schlong gave Lisa’s away” — then saw that Lisa fessed up using the same term right in the blog post.

    Interesting point that cartoonists get bored with the longer poses. I tend to draw very differently when I go to figure drawing, but I haven’t gone in years.

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