summer is for roadtrips

A few years ago, I made a sketchbook minicomic about a cross country trip my brother and I took to move him out to LA from Boston. The mini ended up running a bit on the long side (78 pages) so I only printed fifty of them and, after finally folding and jamming the staples through the last one, decided that I probably wouldnt be printing another run of them anytime soon.

If you would like to read it, I’ve uploaded the entire thing on to my website. Or you can download it as a PDF and read it on your iPad or Nook or whatever you want by clicking this link:

We like giving stuff away at Pizza Island. Please enjoy!

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One Response to summer is for roadtrips

  1. susan says:

    this was a fun read. just a quick note pages 35 & 43 seem to be the same. maybe this is some thing comic writers do .. if so please ignore ;]

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