Shelter Island (part two)

Just to clarify what these comics are: all of us went to Shelter Island with Joan Reilly, who has a house out there and was nice enough to let us stay for a few days. Each of us made a comic about the trip. Here is my contribution…Karen’s coming next!

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3 Responses to Shelter Island (part two)

  1. Tom says:

    My favorite blog

  2. andrea says:

    another way to do the artist’s way…

    good luck, artist children!

  3. davidjablow says:

    I’m really glad I just stumbled across this….thanks for posting it.
    I tried doing ‘morning pages’ earlier this year when I was stuck on a series of drawings ..within a few weeks I was rolling along.. never felt the need to keep reading beyond chapter one. I’m not %100 sure if it was due to the writing but I wasn’t really doing anything else differently.
    It feels weird disclosing this because the Artists Way does seem a bit new-agey..(and yeah, that cover doesn’t help). But a really sharp friend of mine pointed out that people have used this method for unblocking creativity for centuries…hardly NEW-agey. Oh..and when I learned that Julia Cameron was married to (the assumedly cynical) Martin Scorsese I upped the benefit of the doubt.
    Anyway…keep up the phenomenally amazing work, ALL of you P.I.ers…I could go into detail about what wows me about each individual artist’s work but that’d take a while and I need to catch a flight.

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